Happy Birthday Jonathan!

I cannot believe that my little baby is now 5 years old! Jonathan has been looking forward to his birthday all year. It was torture for him that "everyone" has their birthday before him. He was really excited to find out he was going to have a little brother--especially when he learned that the baby would be born in November. To Jonathan that meant that he would no longer have the last birthday in our family. One of the things Jonny has gotten quite good at is tracking what day it is. When I told him we were going to have a "October Birthdays" dinner party at Grandma's house the Sunday before his birthday he was so happy. However, I should have waited longer to tell him since I then received daily updates on how many more days until the party. When family asked what he wanted he said Switch and Go Dinos, Legos, and paleontology stuff. Family did not disappoint and he was one spoiled little boy!
Birthday boy wanted to play with my phone...20ish selfies later...

When Jonathan woke up the day after the party the first thing he did was put together his new Galaxy Squad Legos. He said they were the best Legos he'd ever had.

On the morning of his actual birthday he was excited to find his presents from us. And to get his requested birthday breakfast of donuts and chocolate milk!

From his siblings he got a fossil kit.

We made his dreams come true by getting him a velociraptor switch and go dino. (On a completely related note I've decided that my kids are no longer allowed to be exposed to commercials of any kind...not sure how to enforce this new policy though!) 

Jonathan got a few phone calls from family members on October 30th to wish him a happy birthday. He then shared the woes of his day...he had stepped on a toy and hurt his foot, he had bumped his head on someone's elbow, and the worst was when Reagan accidentally closed the sliding glass door on his fingers. Poor kid said that it just was not a good day because of those things. He did enjoy his birthday lunch: potstickers at Panda Express!
Jonathan just had his 5 year old well-child exam last week. He weighs 43 pounds and is 44.25" tall. He remains on track to be about 6 ft. tall. I cannot picture him that big! I have been doing "mommy school" with Jonathan and he is definitely prepared for kindergarten next year. Jonathan can read (which is amazing, but also annoying because you can't hide things as easily from him!) and loves to do math. He just recently started working on counting by two's and already counts by ten's. I have been reading the Harry Potter books to Jonathan at bed time this year. When we finish a book then we have a movie night together and watch the movie for the book. We recently started book 5. He is convinced that this will be the best since 5 is his favorite number. Also, his favorite time of day is 5:55. All the fives make him happy.
Here are a few things to know about Jonathan at five:
Favorite Color: Black and White
Favorite Animal: Dinosaur, Jaguar, Penguin, and Fox
Favorite Book: Captain Underpants and All About Penguins
Favorite Movie: Paw Patrol
Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Song: I am a Child of God
When you grow up: Paleontologist and Scientist

The joy that this little man brings into my life is difficult to describe. Every day is an adventure for sure! He is too smart for his own good and keeps me on my toes. 


jww said...

Aw!!! Happy birthday, Jonathan!! What a cutie. No kidding--those are totally fun toys. I don't know how to advise about keeping kids away from commercials except get rid of TV. (We actually did that and just do Netflix now, so none of us ever know anything about anything any more!! ha ha) But at least he chooses good ones--those look super cool. I have two boys who would have LOVED those at that age!! Jonathan is such a fun kid--what a great post.