Young America Day

Every September Andrew's Guard unit hosts a family day. Every other year it is the entire wing and a huge event! This year was the big year and (I think) the best one so far. We got to ride a hay ride over to the hangar and then spend several hours taking advantage of the beautiful weather. There were huge bouncy houses, sumo suits, a jousting ring, a dunk tank, and a couple of jets that the kids could sit in the cockpit of.
In addition there was LOTS of free food: cotton candy, ice cream/popsicles, and the lunch was provided by Burgerville, Papa Murphys, and a gourmet hot dog vendor. We felt completely spoiled and had the time of our lives!
I love the way Reagan loves her daddy and how excited she was to see where he goes to work.

The kids loved the jet. Reagan told me that we should just borrow it to go to her cousin Brielle's house really quick. I laughed that she thought we could just "borrow" a jet from the military. Cute kid!

I don't think Jonathan will ever be a pilot...he hates heights and he was freaking out just from the stairs up to the cockpit.

My husband is somewhat of a nerd at heart though and believes that these glasses are the coolest ever. There is a reason why they are called BCGs (birth control glasses)...I'm just saying.
Alaska Airlines was one of the sponsors and the kids got some pretty cool airplane hates from them. Reagan spent quite a bit of time "flying" around the house once we got home.


jww said...

What a fun time!! And I love the Alaska Airlines hat. And I think Reagan wanting to borrow the plane to get to Brielle's house is SUPER CUTE!