Summer Sitters

This summer was a lot of fun and a little crazy! My kids are all at really fun ages and stages of life. No diaper bags and built-in babysitters. With working 2 days a week I was a little nervous about how the summer would actually go, but it all worked out marvelously! Andrew usually goes to work mid-morning so by the time I get home it really hasn't been too long for the kids to be home. Adrian got to see his bio-mom this summer and also got to spend some time with her where he was away from home. Throw in Scout camp and all the other stuff going on there were times that help was needed. The way we worked it this summer was that my sisters, Hayden and Taylor, took turns alternating weeks of coming over to help out. One day I came home and Taylor had made a list in the morning with the kids and they spent the day having a dinosaur party! It was so stinking cute. The list had dino books, dino games, dino food, dino movie, and dino toys on it. She told me that she'd had fun with them and just wanted to make them love her more than Hayden;) Well, Hayden found out and so the next time she came over she made the kids owl sandwiches.

The kids took lots of random pictures with the camera on the days I was away from home. Adrian loves to pose and make silly faces and is teaching his siblings how to do the same.
Reagan often would complain that there weren't enough girls for her to play with so she loved having Taylor and Hayden come over and focus on her. I love my little curly-haired fireball and sure missed her while I was gone at work. I feel like one of the luckiest moms on the planet that my kids not only have amazing aunts and uncles, but that they are so close to them! If it wasn't for my family I honestly don't know how I manage our crazy schedule. Now we just have to see how one more little babe can change the dynamics up!


jww said...

What great times! I think it's neat you have so much family around. Especially girls for Reagan! :)