Spartan Race

Have I ever told you that I am married to a freaking maniac?! Andrew is seriously a beast in my opinion and I am completely jealous of his physical abilities. He spent the first half of the year training for a marathon that he had to sit out of due to an injury, but then came back strong and participated in the Spartan Race in August. This was an obstacle course that I am sure I would have died trying to attempt. He decided to start out with a crisp white shirt to see how dirty it would get. (It might still be hanging in our garage...gross.)

My husband is an animal and I love him for it! I can picture him doing stuff like this until he's in his 80s if I'll let him. Way to go babe!


jww said...

He is awesome! And he is crazy. What a maniac. Wish I could pull that off! :) Go, Andrew!