8th Grade...

is completely freaking me out. The main thing that has me freaked out is simply how close to high school this is! I cannot believe how quickly time flies. Adrian and Luke just won't stop growing up and I can't stand it! When Andrew and I got married they were 4 1/2 and 6 years old. It doesn't seem like enough time has passed at all for them to be in 6th and 8th grade. Adrian was excited to get to see his friends from school again and anxious about getting back into the routine. I think he really liked the idea of being the "big" kids in school. When I asked him if he was nervous about anything all he said was that he was nervous about seeing his Aunt Hayden there since she would now be in 7th grade. What would he do if he saw her?! This made me laugh so hard! They see each other all the time and they have been in the same school before. He said it's just a little weird for him since she is younger than him, but his aunt. I can get that though. I am often sad that my kids are growing up so far without cousins on my side of the family (more than enough on the Stott side though!) But, then I remember that they have aunts their ages so it's not like they have no one their ages.
Adrian has so far been doing quite well with school. It has never been something that was a strong point in his life...he rather hates school, but he seems to be doing better about staying on top of things and being honest with himself and us about what he should be doing/is learning. My fingers are crossed for continued growth and maturity. As hard as it is for me to accept that he is growing up, I am sooo ready for some maturity to start increasing to go along with the giant feet, deepening voice, and acne. When I dropped him off at school the first day he was commenting that he couldn't wait to see if his friends looked any differently after the summer. In listening to him it was as though he believed he hadn't changed at all! I assured him they would look similar enough that he would recognize them, but of course they would look different just like he himself looks different. Less than 5 years to go until he is leaving on a mission and done with highschool. Crazy!


jww said...

Wow, they really are growing up. I know how you feel--totally crazy. Sounds like they're doing really well, though!! That's awesome.