Shirley Temple

I can't help but smile when I look at pictures like this! Reagan is so full of enthusiasm for life that I can't stand it sometimes. She has curl to her hair that came from who knows where. Seriously, who knows where it came from? Her hair curls in those long soft curls, but sometimes she wants that tight curl look. Whenever I consent to put in the curlers she is over the moon and runs around singing "animal crackers in my soup!" She loves being told she looks like Shirley Temple. My mom and I have shown her some of the old Shirley Temple movies and she loves them.
Several weeks ago she decided she wanted curly hair for church...an hour before church. Since this is definitely not enough time to get those tight curls I decided to get her hair wet and gel it up. I did my best to get it as curly as possible without actually curling it and it turned out pretty well. She wasn't entirely convinced though. I told her that she did in fact look like Shirley and it would be fine. We got to church and waited for Sacrament meeting to start. A few minutes after it started she began to hysterically cry. So much so that I had to take her out. When we got out in the hallway and I got her calm enough to speak she told me she was crying because nobody had told her that she was beautiful or that she looked like Shirley Temple. Oh my. I want my daughter to be confident and have high self-esteem, but dang! I think I have my work cut out for me with this little one for sure. How to teach the differences between Divine Nature/Individual Worth and being conceited...for now I will continue to tell my daughter everyday how beautiful she is and how much worth she has. After all, I would rather have a daughter who believes she is beautiful than one who always feels like she will never be enough. Raising girls is hard work! 


jww said...

That is funny. I know it's also serious on the Divine Nature/Individual Worth side, but to have a 3-year-old crying because she wants to look like Shirley Temple is so hilarious. What a character. (But I know what you mean about the self-esteem thing.) Maybe she just loves curly hair and she wants everyone to love curly hair, too. :)