My Marathon

At the beginning of the year I made a list of 13 things I was going to do in 2013. Last year when I did something similar I was a rock star at keeping track of them...not necessarily completing all of them, but documenting the ones I did do. This year, not so much. I have been doing them, just not keeping track of anything so who knows where I really stand at this point!
One of my goals was to run 13 5Ks in 2013. They didn't have to be official, but I was going to do it. I even set a plan to run 9 5ks in the Month of March which would actually total to slightly more than a marathon. I dubbed it "March Marathon Madness" and one of my friends, Heidi, ran along with me. It turned into two runs a week and we typically did at least one a week together. We finished off the month with an official run that benefited the Oregon Student Nurses Association as our final hurrah. And unfortunately for me it was actually the last time I ran a 5K this year. I was really reaching the height of morning sickness throughout that whole month and it was almost torture to make it through those runs without having to stop and puke, but I did it! Honestly, I do miss being able to go for a run like that so I know I will take it up again once this baby is born. For now I will just remember my running and know that it is something that I can do. I have been in way better shape with this pregnancy than with my others and I can tell a real difference in my energy and the way that I have felt in general. I hate to say it has been easy, because that wouldn't be true at all, but it has been easier than the others. Maybe this little guy will be an easier baby?! Probably not;)
Here are my 5K run stats for 2013 and then I think I can say that I kicked this goal in the booty!
Feb 4- 35:18
Feb 5- 34:12
Feb 20- 32:15
Feb 25- 33:37
Mar 2- 30:40
Mar 6- 29:52
Mar 9- 30:42
Mar 12- 31:11
Mar 16- 32:16
Mar 19- 30:31
Mar 23- 29:59
Mar 27- 31:18
Mar 30- 29:04
In all honesty the the 5ks I did in February I had to walk parts of so I was slower for sure overall then. I did run a lot in between all of these, but for those runs they either weren't far enough to be a 5K or they were interval runs. I suppose my times would also mean something more if I ran the same course every time, but I really didn't. Most of the time my goal is to be around 30 minutes for a 5k, but if there are hills involved I am happy to just be able to run without walking!
The final run was "official" and so we had bibs. The best part was that they were recycled from a holiday run and if felt like Christmas in March for a minute there:
I think the only reason I was able to really be successful in this attempt was because I have an amazing husband who was supportive of my ambitions and an amazing friend running with me that I was accountable to. I think I might just have to do March Marathon Madness again next year!


jww said...

You're amazing!! congratulations! And, by the way, I really love the family pic you have at the top. Darling.