Easter 2013

Easter was, you know, that holiday we had a couple of months ago. Yeah, we did celebrate it. And we pretty much rocked it, too.

On the Saturday before Easter Andrew took the kids up to the county fairgrounds for a community egg hunt. I headed myself out to Beaverton for a 5k with my awesome friend, Heidi. I think I got the better end of that deal! Every year there is the possiblity that the kids will find "golden tickets" in their eggs and win prizes. The grand prize being a pet rabbit.
I always cross my fingers that there are no tickets. Let's keep it real. I do not want them coming home with a furry friend--just chocolate.

I may have told hubsters the wrong start time so they were there in plenty of time for the kids to get to ride the horses. Reagan did not get to ride...she said she needed to go potty when there were 2 people in front of them. After Andrew hiked it to the toilets with her she then "just tried." She's still bummed that she didn't get a turn to ride a horse. You should fake have to go potty little miss!

I didn't really do Easter clothes for the kids this year. But, my mom did find this cute dress on Zulilly for Reagan and spoiled her as usual.
(Ignore her leprosy face. She was still getting over impetigo.)


jww said...

OH, impetigo is not a nice thing. :( So sorry.

All your celebrating looks like so much fun!! Glad to hear I'm not the only person who lies about start times so that we will actually be on time sometimes.