Watch out for lightning...

Remember this kid?! I'm pretty sure that I might have to keep this image forever burned in my mind since he may end up getting taken out by a well directed bolt of lightning sometime in the near future if he isn't careful.

The other day we were undergoing our usual dinner routine of the younger kids complaining about being starving the whole time I am making dinner then they sit at the table, take half a look at their food, push the plate away and declare "this is disgusting. I'm not eating this." I have tried many things, but in the end have decided that I am not a short-order cook and I refuse to make multiple meals for one meal. They won't starve if they don't eat. Trust me. They get plenty to eat. I am just done catering.
Well, on this particular night it was Jonathan's turn to say the blessing on the dinner and it went something like this:
"Dear Heavenly Father please bless that this disgusting food will go away and that my mom won't make me eat it and that this food will just disappear and that she won't say I have to try it. Please bless that I will get something good to eat and that my mom will stop making gross stuff for dinner every night..."
(well, you get the point.)
After he finished I pointed out that he had never actually blessed the food so I asked Adrian to do so. Adrian then gave one of the best dinner blessings ever! He asked for us to be grateful for the food we eat, that we wouldn't complain, that we would be willing to try new things and appreciate the work that mom put into making dinner....(and other amazing things. Amazing kid--gold star stickers for sure!)
While he was giving this blessing I sensed a lot of motion coming from beside me so I peeked at Jonathan to see him delivering a series of air punches high above his head. Once the Amens were said I informed Jonathan that it was inappropriate to punch the air during a prayer and that he needed to fold his arms when we pray. He then informed me:
"Well, Adrian was blessing that I would it this food and so I was punching God in the face so that he would not make that prayer come true and that he would know that I will not eat that food."

I never thought I would have to teach my 4 year old to not attempt to punch God in the face...

I'm still wondering how he avoided the lightning on that one!


jww said...

Wow! What a story. I know what you mean--all the things we think we'll never say. When I was pregnant with my oldest, my sister gave me advice on how to choose a name. She said, "You're going to use his name in all sorts of ways you never thought you would, so make sure it sounds good in a sentence like this: 'We don't drink bath water, ________'." (and then just fill in the name there to see if you like it) ha ha

I really love that Adrian gave such a sweet prayer. That is AWESOME.

I totally agree with you--you are providing a service when you make a meal, and you are not a restaurant. You are doing what you agreed to do when you became a mom, which is keep children alive and healthy! :)

...And now I'm getting why I saw that Andrew "shared" my facebook post with you recently--the little tile I made with Heritage Makers that says "Dinner Options: 1. Take it 2. Leave it." :)

Rachel said...

wow! I second Jen's comments! I have also been asked to make other meals when they don't like what's on the menu! I wish I could say it gets easier when they get older, but it doesn't. Alas, we well intentioned mothers will continue to fix healthy and substantial meals that help our offspring grow!