My least favorite "chore"

Is grocery shopping.
Can I get an amen?

The thing is I don't mind being with people, but when you are just trying to get your shopping done and there are all kinds of dumb-dumbs getting in the way and being dumb it makes me dread the crowds and all the shoving needed to accomplish the task. I have it down though so I can't complain. At the beginning of every month I make my dinner menu and compile my list. A couple of years ago I sat down and made a reference list of all the things we typically use or buy and I just look it over and see if we need anything. I never said we have a ton of variety, but we usually have everything we need on hand that way. Costco is my friend. Not just because they help us pay our mortgage every month...although some months it does seem like it could keep us from making our payment!
This month I was able to go with only one little "helper" and we did have fun. I gave in to her desires for fruit snacks and pickles and she was satisfied.
Although I don't like the chore, I feel pretty awesome about how well I have it down. Especially when the cashier at Costco can't believe how much stuff I was able to get for how "little" I spent. Let's just say I'm not a first-timer!


jww said...

yes, definitely an amen. I HATE shopping!!! Love the picture of Reags, though. Cute!