It's a Stott thing

Insane servings of ice cream I mean.
When Andrew and I were dating I was just starting to re-introduce dairy into my diet after going without it for almost 2 years. (I had been having some digestive issues and finally figured out what it was after a lot of trial and error.) I wish I had taken a picture of his face when I told him that I wasn't eating ice cream. One word: incredulous. He was over the moon when he found out that I was going to start eating it again. No matter how much I insisted that a small amount of ice cream would be fine he would inevitably dish up a bowl that contained almost half a carton. Looking back I think he actually banked on me not finishing it up and then he would have a "legitimate" excuse for eating almost the whole carton! Since that time I have enjoyed myself a lot of ice cream. Lately though I am kind of an ice cream snob and really prefer the good stuff. (Love you Ben & Jerry's!)

I still prefer smaller servings...there really can be too much of a good thing! Andrew however, can still consume large quantities of the stuff and never gain an ounce. :/

We wonder about Reagan's "Stottiness" since she really only eats a bite or two of ice cream if she does at all...she prefers the baked goods. Speaking of...maybe I should go and make a batch of cookies?!


jww said...

Ha!!! I didn't know that's where it came from. Belinda could eat Andrew under the table. I'm sure of it. She CAN'T dish up a small serving of ice cream. I guess it's the genes. (And because of her dad, I suspect she's got a double shot of it between the Stott genes and the Wise genes.)