Fuel for Life

This year valentine's came early for me! I got a Nike Fuel band and I love it!! This little watch tracks my activity levels throughout the day and actually motivates me to be more active.
When I reach my goal it lets me know. Jonathan and Reagan love to push the button to see where I am at. The funniest was when Jonathan pushed the button and it said "Fuel" and then showed me where I was at (which was not to my goal yet...) to which he said "F. Hmm, mom this says F for fail. You failed. No goal for you." I pictured the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld;)
Andrew teases me because I will often say that I am not going to do something unless I get credit for it on my watch. He seems to think I am joking--I'm not. I'm totally serious. The hardest days of the week for me are days that I work at the dental office. I feel like I am active, but really I am far from it since I am sitting in a chair almost all day. Lame.
This has been just the thing for motivating me as I am training for my March challenge: run NINE 5ks in the month of March. I am calling it March Marathon Madness! I decided to run 9 of them since that is just over the length of a marathon (which I will never actually run at once so this is the next best thing!)


jww said...

YOu are totally amazing. Kudos!