Crazy Cash!

For Christmas this year we received the game "Monopoly Crazy Cash" from Grandpa Stott and it has quickly become a family favorite! The game is geared towards younger players and the little ones love it. I would recommend this game to anyone with kids since they can even pretty much play it on their own. Jonathan and Reagan like to make up their own rules to it all the time and since they are both little then they don't care what the changes are. It can be harder when the big boys play since they want to follow the "real" rules to the letter and get super frustrated with any variations. The best part is when the ATM spits money out. A lot of the chance cards tell you to act something out which can be totally entertaining--especially when your kids are acting like the ATM:)
These kids are just the greatest! I am so glad that I don't have to work full-time outside our home and that I get to be a part of all these little moments throughout the day. I get my break from the tantrums and chaos when I go to work two days a week outside the home. One of the docs I work with just had twins and so now has 3 children under the age of 4. As we were leaving the office the other day he said "so, now you get to clock out and really go to work." I laughed and quickly agreed that being a dental hygienist is cake compared to being a mom, but I love (almost) every minute of being a mom and it is sooooo worth it!


jww said...

So cute! And, yeah, the real work is at home. We just bought a new car and in the course of the conversation the sales guy said something like, "Most people have a commute in the morning and a commute in the afternoon, but you have commutes all day long." Amen, brother.