Fun Mail!

Have you always thought that in order to mail something it has to be in an envelope or in a box? I used to think that too. And then I was introduced to this blog...go there now...are you back? Is your mind blown? Mine was when I found out that you can pretty much mail anything that weighs less than 13 ounces in the regular mail.
Honesty moment: I first found out about this over a year ago. I had every intention of doing it right away and then it just never happened. Then when I was reorganizing all of my pinterest boards earlier this month I was reminded of it and I knew it was time to act.
I took the kids to the dollar store and they picked out a pretty little solar powered dancing daisy that they could send to their cousin in Utah. I did use some packing tape to make sure the edges of the package were sealed up tight and brought along our Disney Pixar stamps so the kids could dress it up with postage.

The sweet woman at the post office even came out to get the mail from the kids. They were so cute about the whole thing. Reagan was really nervous that Brielle wouldn't get it and the lady assured her that she would make sure it got there safe.
And it did!
We love you Brielle!!

We can't wait to find something else fun to mail...Valentine's day is right around the corner so look out!


jww said...

Holy cow. Seriously. I LOVE the 13 oz. or less ideas!! What a cool blog!! I love how you have pix of your kids and Brielle's reaction. DARLING. :)