October Randomness

(By the way I do realize that November is over...no need for comments regarding my time lapses between posts and reality.)

October was filled with plenty of fun and lots of craziness. I canned the last of my fabulous salsa after receiving a case of tomatoes from a friend's garden. I think I might eat salsa everyday until it is all gone.

I attempted to make a pinterest treat with some friends and their kids. I won't even show you the original pin because it makes my version that much more pathetic;) But those were some darn good pretzels thank you very much.

I stepped on legos. A lot of legos. I was not very happy about said legos and demanded that they be cleaned up. To my horror I discovered that the wonderful system of organizing them by color had been disregarded and the drawers were in complete shambles. I decided that the best route would be to label the drawers, throw a big fit, and demand perfection and excellence in organization from my 4 year old  accept the reality that every 6 months or so I would have to go in and help out.
I had intentions last March (when we "finished" their room) to label all of the drawers and buckets with vinyl. In June I cut out the labels for the clothes and toy/storage bins...the clothes drawers got labeled at that point. The rest of the labels sat on a shelf all summer. Hey they are on now (did it in October thankyouverymuch) and the evidence is in the corner of the room. I used a star wars font for the word labels, but I still hadn't decided how to label the lego drawers. One day it dawned on me: star wars shapes with colored vinyl! The only color I am missing is purple (yes, there are a few purple ones in there) so that's why one drawer seems like it is missing something. I'm awesome at spacing and centering without a ruler so make sure you look really close--actually, please don't. I have half a mind to redo them, but since it took me 9 months to get them on in the first place I know I won't.


jww said...

I have totally given up on organizing Legos, but then again I've given up on a lot of things organization/clean-wise. ha :)

Seriously wish I could come over and bring some chips to share salsa with you. Sounds DIVINE.