Project Bucket List: "Backyard" ABC Hunt

Sadly after a fun packed week of family, friends, and adventure it was time to make the drive back home. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy the drive home seemed to be! Being overly prepared with snacks/games/activities/entertainment/crap helped out a ton. One of the things on our bucket list was to do an alphabet hunt in the back yard. We never got around to it, but I found a fun road trip game that was essentially the same thing on a larger scale. The boys had to find things outside of the car that started with each letter of the alphabet. We started as we were getting closer to Portland and it made that last 90 minutes of the drive pass really quick!

Luke finished first and won bragging rights until the next showdown.
Adrian almost gave up when he knew that he hadn't won, but he stuck with it and found something for each letter.
Jonathan and Reagan just had fun pretending to find things and getting overly excited over each success of their brothers. This really was an amazing summer and the trip to Utah was the best way ever to finish it off!


jww said...

Super cute. And a pain-free drive is awesome. Glad it went so well.